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Welcome! Do you want to know more about Crowlyn s.r.o. company?

Welcome! Do you want to know more about Crowlyn s.r.o. company?

Everything started somehow and we will be happy to introduce ourselves to you...

Company Crowlyn s.r.o.

We are here to realize your goals through beautiful design and strategy.

We are Crowlyn s.r.o., founded by husband and wife Martin and Linda Culba. This firm started out as a small business offering freelance graphic and web design. The rapid rise has rocketed into a full-service agency with a wealth of knowledge and experience across most. Each project thus falls into the good hands of our team.



Only a person who is internally balanced can achieve feats that separate ordinary things from exceptional things, and that is essential to us - to deliver exceptional services to our clients.


You need to pay attention to the performance of all systems, correct keywords, optimization and protection against malicious software. And therefore one should take care of one's health as well. Thus, you are guaranteed to care for the product.


Likewise, we try to motivate everyone around us to grow and self-educate. Thanks to this, we help our clients grow, which is why every collaboration enriches us with new knowledge.


Why IT and Fitness?

We are committed to the IT field in body and soul. It is not only our craft, but also in its own way a mission. However, on the other hand, work in the IT field is associated with constant sitting behind a computer and work where the head is stressed, and this is where the problem arises.

In order for a person to deliver quality to clients and prevent burnout, or not become below average, it is imperative to have enough movement, create your life balance and inner peace especially to clear his head enough. Relieving mental stress releases endorphins and the mind gets relaxation and at the same time energy to further creativity.

There is a need to be constantly on the move. It is not only today, but especially an environment in IT, where new technologies are emerging every day and, based on this, one has to constantly develop and learn new things. Thus, it is equally beneficial for the client in submitting state-of-the-art procedures and practices and technologies that guarantee advantages against competitors.

We adhere to our values and principles for you

As we mentioned in the introduction, we have an unusual combination of services offered and our focus as a company, and thus we must hold our values towards our clients, thanks to which we can grow and to develop both our company and to help our clients in the development.


We lead everything with gratitude and find ways to express our joy to people around us every day.


Respect can mean different things to different people and therefore respecting others is a priority and we refrain from slander or reacting anger.


We build trust and mutual respect by acting honestly and doing the right things no matter how difficult they are.


We strive to deliver services and products of the highest quality to you. An imperfect product never goes into production.


We are making sure we deliver long-term value to the company.


True friends believe in your vision, abilities and love to buy your products or services while encouraging others to do the same.