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The best mobile apps from Crowlyn

The best mobile apps from Crowlyn

With Crowlyn, we provide companies with the development of cutting-edge mobile applications with superior user experience across all platforms and mobile devices, allowing you to leverage the power technology and modern times.

Mobile application - Why YES and their facts

A mobile application is a software application created specifically for smartphones, tablets, emulators and other mobile devices.

  • The total number of people who own a smart and functional phone is 7.26 billion (91.00% of the world's population). People use apps for more than 90% of the time spent on smartphones — be connected with customers!
  • 1.8 billion people worldwide buy goods online. Worldwide, up to 51% of these shoppers have completed an online purchase using a smartphone. Sell easier, faster and more efficiently.
  • Provide users with options and experiences when using your services or purchasing wherever they are. With the help of the mobile app, businesses can provide their customers with a convenient and user-friendly way to shop for products and services.
Why YES and their facts

WHY mobile app from Crowlyn?

Enjoy the benefits associated with your own mobile app! Be modern and competitive with technology opportunities!

Need iOS Native

We create a mobile app for your clients for iOS devices: iPhones, iPads, Apple TV to meet all the requirements you have.

Need Nativ Android

We create a native mobile application for Android devices: smartphones, tablets and TVs, according to your specifics and requirements.

You prefer Cross-Platform

We create mobile apps that can be deployed on both iOS and Android, even expanding as desktop and web apps if necessary.

Full service for development

We will help from product research to substantial UX design, UI design, at the same time we will advise you how to set up Branding. Based on the requirements for the development of native mobile apps (Android or iOS), as well as cross-platform mobile application development, we will help set up and obtain customer statistics and analytics behavior up to maintenance and support.

Frequently asked questions

Mobile Application FAQs

Mobile application development services refer to the creation of software applications that are designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The app can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play.